The "Diversity Index" co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund is being carried out by the Confederation Lewiatan in partnership with the Agency of Innovation and Development.

The project is a continuation and extension of the commitment of the Confederation Lewiatan in the area of promoting equal opportunities in the workplace. The main theme of the project is to manage diversity-modern approach to the proper use of the potential of employees by sight and appreciation of diverse experiences, knowledge, skills, abilities, work styles - the differences (and similarities) inherent in the people due to their gender, age, (dis)ability, race, ethnicity, etc.
Employees who normally perform tasks in a variety of units in which the individual skills and talents are noticed and appreciated, accompanied by the awareness that the differences are treated as a value, not an obstacle. This improves their job satisfaction, sense of security and responsibility for their jobs, can engage in activities with greater courage, energy, less schematic, stimulates a fuller and more daring use of knowledge, experience.
The aim of the project is to develop, test and implement indicator examining diversity in the workplace and practical, user-friendly self-audit tool used by businesses. These activities will be complemented by a wide information campaign.
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